Farmer's Pantry Farmers Pantry Thornbury, Ontario

Birthdays, Reunions, Weddings


Choose your own activities, times and food! We can supply everything from the facility, food to activities or you can bring your food and games to better fit your schedule and budget!

Anniversaries and Family Reunions

We have hosted lots of family reunions and anniversaries! Pick your date and your decorations and we supply the rest! - Games, Activities, Lights, Indoor and Outdoor Facilities!


We have had some really beautiful weddings here! Each totally different, some traditional, some modern but all magical just the same! Give us a call or send us an email today to inquire about your special day!

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Upicking Macs, Spy, Cortland, Idared & Empire
10 TO 5 DAILY!
In Market - Honey Crisp, Silken, Ambrosia, Russets, Idared & Royal Gala

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