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Educational / School Programs

Book a tour of the Farmer's Pantry and the orchard for your class. You can customize it to your very own needs! Everything the Pantry has to offer is at your disposal. You may choose to have a tractor wagon ride, pick your own fruits and veggies, try your luck at the Farmers Mini Golf, or test yourself physically and mentally with our new rope maze!

Choose from several programs, with activities available for preschool through to grade 6. We have done extensive research into the Blue Water District School Board Curriculum to help develop programs. You may alter any of the programs or activities available to suit your needs and your budget!

Contact us to book your perfect Farmer's Pantry experience and for a copy of the program curriculum as it applies to the Blue Water District School Board Curriculum! Check out our educational video below for a glimpse into some of the activities and programs available!

Kindergarten - Curriculum Program

Grade 1 - Curriculum Program

Grade 2 - Curriculum Program

Grade 3 - Curriculum Program

Grade 4 - Curriculum Program

Grade 5 - Curriculum Program

Grade 6 - Curriculum Program

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In Market - Honey Crisp, Silken, Ambrosia, Russets, Idared & Royal Gala

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