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The Farmer's Pantry all began in the fall of 1999 under a small tent on Highway 26 between Meaford and Thornbury. It's a family run project that includes help and support from the entire clan plus a few neighbours! In our humble beginnings, we were a small apple stand with a couple of animals romping around to play with. As we progressed into our third season, we opened up a second stand as a Pick Your Own on one of our farms, where people could enjoy the experience of picking their own apples. Two years later, we moved this stand to our home farm, where is still resides today. As many of you know, we are no longer a tent, we have built our own building and designed it to suit our and your needs! We are ever growing and in 2011 we planted a cedar maze, added pony rides through the orchard, a sand mountain and revamped our Mini-Golf Course. 2012 we added more animals into the Wildlife Center, a rope maze and planted Cherry Trees that will someday be part of the Pick Your Own Section!

Our motto is "Come Grow With Us" because growing is always what we are doing. We've expanded from a little apple stand to encompass so much more! Each and every year we begin new projects to make the experience you receive fresh, exciting and fun, so come visit us again to see what's new as we enter our next season!

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